In line with its vision, AGORA Tourism informs in an easily understood, reliable and transparent way which fully meets the expectations of its customers by using the constantly developing and latest Technologies, and provides after sales service.
We strive to become an example institution in our sector which will be a pioneer in terms of quality service by managing our activities in an integrated manner with all our might, in terms of:

  • Documenting, certifying and constantly improving our processes for improving quality,
  • Reaching the company targets with a team spirit, in line with the Total Quality philosophy,
  • Determining preventive approaches which will improve our performance by constantly reviewing business processes,
  • Increasing efficiency in all our business processes to the level to compete at international norms, in line with the constant improvement approach,
  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches and to have training which will improve technical and behavioral competencies,
  • Establishing long term open relationships with the firms with which we have business relationship and our customers, based on good will and honesty principle and to contribute to the development of quality concept mutually,
  • Encouraging our employees to become successful individuals who love their areas of responsibility and their jobs,
  • Adopting constant development and improvement as a social duty by acting responsibly and in harmony to the nature in the stages of planning and implementing all our business processes.