Privacy and Confidentiality

Information Pursuant to Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698

We, as Agora Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. (Agora),feel maximum sensitivity on the safety of your personal data and private personal data. Conscious of this, we as Agora put great emphasis on protecting the customer privacy and protect any type of personal data of our customer in the best manner possible and by processing privately in this direction. Being full conscious of this responsibility, under the title of the Data Responsible stipulated under the scope of Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”) and relevant regulations, we carry out the processes acknowledged as “data processing” in such issues as obtaining, recording, protecting, updating, classifying of your personal data, as well as sharing with or transferring to third persons as permitted by the regulations.

Under the scope of information made for products and services, for the purposes of preparing proposals suitable for you, carrying out promotions and marketing towards the products, and performing planning, statistics, analysis, customer satisfaction and customer relations management, commercial electronic communication could be sent through SMS, phone or e-mail in relation to the promotion, campaigns and marketing activities in relation to products and services of our company and our affiliates, to your communication addresses which will be processed by us or by program partner organizations from whom we receive services and with whom we collaborate in order to carry out our commercial activities and fulfill our obligations, and by third persons and our affiliates (1), which addresses are either present in our records or you will notify our company of these in the future. You can change your preferences in relation to processing of your personal data and to the submission of commercial messages. Due to the emphasis put by our Web Site Privacy Policy Agora on customer satisfaction and safety, we have adopted the following fundamental rules in order to protect the confidentiality of the information you provide on our web site. From our web site, information could only be entered for product/ service application and information updating purposes. From the point of view of confidentiality of the information entered from our web site, relevant precautions are taken by keeping the Agora system and internet infrastructure at the safest level. Information entered by our customers to our web site for product/ service application and information updating purposes can not be displayed by other internet users.

In case that Agora works with different organizations in order to receive support services, it shall ensure that these companies comply with Agora privacy standards and conditions. Our Web Site does not include links to other web sites. Our undertakings in our Privacy Policy are only valid on our web site and do not cover other web sites. Conditions of use and privacy policy of web sites which will be accessed through link from our web site, shall apply for such sites. Agora shall not be held responsible from any material/ immaterial damages and losses that could arise on such sites, as well as from the use of information, ethical principles, privacy principles, quality and service quality of such other web sites which are accessed from our web site through ads, banners, content purposes or for other purposes. All copyrights related to information, materials on our web site, as well as their regulation, shall be held by Agora. All copyrights, registered brand, patent, intellectual and other ownership rights pertinent to information and materials other than the materials of third persons contained on our web site, shall be reserved by Agora

1-Collection, Processing and Purposes of Processing of Personal Data

Your personal data may vary depending on the service, product and commercial activity provided by Agora; and could be collected in verbal, written or electronic media through offices, branches, dealers, call center, internet site, social media sources, mobile applications and similar means, using automated or non-automated methods. When you use our call center or internet site with the purpose of using Agora’s online service, participate in the trainings, seminars or organizations organized by Agora, or visit our internet site or navigate through these sites, your personal data could be processed. Your personal data and personal data of private character, are created and/ or updated to the extent you benefit from the services of Agora and its brands, and your personal data with special and general characteristic could be processed for the purposes including but not limited to the following.

-For the identification of your information in the transactions you carry out, and registering your ID information, address and other required information,
-To provide you with our products and services you request in line with your needs;
-To communicate important information we need to share with your over your contact information;
-To prepare all records and documents required for you to complete your transactions on paper, in verbal or electronic media (internet/ mobile branch etc.);
-To enable the contracted organizations fulfill their activities related to services provided to you;
-To ensure that internal processing is facilitated, improved and researches are carried out, and to fulfill the regulatory requirements;
-To issue invoices in exchange of our services;
-To complete any type of insurance transactions when required on such issues as services related to the field of activity of our company, product purchased, transportation etc.
-To share the information requested by public institutions and organizations pursuant to relevant regulations;
-For the purposes of managing customer satisfaction and complaints, making reporting and audit, not be limited to the these, your personal data, visual audible data, financial data that could be required within the scope of the service you receive, your personal information could be shared with our business partners and other third persons which we collaborate within the country and abroad, in order to ensure fulfillment of the services we provide to you, to develop and execute all services including purchase and selling that we have counted above, including those with contracted service providers, our business partners of which we are representative/ distributor.

2-Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data could be transferred to the following under the scope of laws and other regulations and for the purposes specified above: Regulatory and inspecting public organizations and institutions, including relevant Ministries, public legal entities, administrative and judicial bodies, domestic and foreign organizations of which we are a representative, program partner organizations and those with which we collaborate and/ or from which we get service in order to carry out our commercial activities directly or indirectly with our domestic/ abroad subsidiaries, domestic/ foreign, banks, other third persons, Department of Security, Courts, Attorneys, third persons from whom we receive consultancy services including consultants and auditors, authorized representatives and agencies, insurance companies, under the framework of regulations and limitations made in KVKK (Law on Protection of Personal Data).

3- Method and Legal Cause for Collecting Personal Data:

Your personal data is collected for serving the foregoing purposes and services in any verbal, written and electronic media within the legal framework specified, and also for enabling Agora to fully and duly fulfill its legal obligations and those arising from the contracts.

4-Your Rights Towards Protecting Personal Data

Under the regulations related to your personal data processed, you have the rights to learn whether your personal data is processed or not, if your personal data is processed to ask for information in relation thereto, to learn the purpose of processing of personal data and whether these are used for due purpose, to know the person to whom your personal data is transferred within the country and abroad, in case that your personal information is processed missing or erroneously, to ask for notifying the third persons to whom the personal data is transferred on processes for correcting these and/ or deleting or destroying the personal data, to object occurrence of a result against the person as a result of analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems, and to claim for remedying the damage if any damage is incurred due to processing your personal data in violation of the law.

5-Data Safety

Agora prevents processing of your personal information and private personal data in violation of the law and accessing this data in violation of law, and uses all technological means required for ensuring the required safety level for protecting personal data. Whereas you can personally apply our company address for any of your demands, questions, requests, recommendations and complaints in relation to your personal data under the law, you can also send these to the e-mail address agoraturizm@hs01.kep.tr with your electronic signature.