Our Objective

To offer high quality service to our customers throughout the world

Our Values

Agora Tourism is a whole with its employees and the values it sustains. We promote and award our employees within the company, based only on their performance. We act, believeing that Agora employees are our most important asset.


We are all leaders in our own areas of responsibility and we are determined that the results we will achieve also have leadership quality.
We have a clear vision about which target we move towards.
We improve our result producing and eliminating organizational obstacles capacity with our strategy.


We adopt the company and its assets as if they are our own, and act by taking the long term success of the company into account.


We always try to do what is right
We treat each other honestly and frankly
We always protect Agora`s values and principles in our every decision and action.

Passion to Win

We are determined to do the best in the most important subjects
We have a strong desire to be better and to win


We respect our colleagues at Agora and customers, and treat them like we would like them to treat us
We count on the skills and intentions of one another
We believe that the people work in the best trust environment

Our Principles

We respect all individuals
We value differences
We encourage and allow people to reach high expectations and difficult goals
Interests of the company and the individuals cannot be different
We encourage people to have share and to own
We strive to be the best
We try to be the best in all the fields which have strategic importance for the company
We learn from both our successes and failures

Respect at the Workplace

Individual Conduct at the Workplace

Agora Tourism`s basic policy in this regard is that all Agora employees should be treated repectfully. The company tries to maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment. Every employee is responsible for avoiding actions and conditions which endanger this environment for his/her colleagues and the company. In addition, every employee is expected to fulfill his/her duties in a safe manner.

Confidentiality of Employee Information

Agora respects the confidentiality of the information of its employees and their honor. The inoformation that we receive from the employees and store will be restricted only to those which are necessary for the company to work efficiently or required by law. This information will be kept absolutely confidential and disclosed only to those who should know it due to legal reasons.

Our Vision

To be known as the company which produces the best service in the world in its field.